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Docs On Video Production Philosophy

Practice Differentiation • Emotional Connection - Through in-depth questioning and conversations with the doctor, staff and patients, we develop your “video story”; one that will make an emotional connection between your practice and the intended viewer, which we believe is key in engaging your prospective patients. The video will telegraph your practice capabilities, what distinguishes and differentiates you, plus the feeling and personality of the office and staff.Unscripted Interviews - We believe the best on-camera interviews come when people speak naturally and participate in a conversation, and therefore we do not script interviews. We use media training and coaching in advance, on the phone and on site, to help each interviewee relax and speak authentically.Video Reach - Our marketing experience is used to help each practice leverage the videos through their website, email campaigns, in patient consults and community outreach to get the most amount of qualified people to see the videos and drive interest into the practice.

We have an innovative and progressive practice and we want our patients and colleagues to be aware of what we can offer. The videos produced by Carol and Margaret effectively communicate our ofice's vision and goals and how we achieve them.